Make Conference Calls using your Mobile

Make Conference Calls using your Mobile

A member has provided information about how to connect to others via a conference call using your mobile phone.

Step 1. The originator of the calls needs to have a mobile phone. One with an unlimited calls plan is best. Also easier to make the calls if the mobile phone is in hands-free mode, i.e. the speaker phone is being used.

Step 2. The originator calls the first number and once it is answered, asks the person to hold on.

Step 3. The originator clicks on Add Call on their mobile phone and calls the next number. To merge the calls together, so everyone can hear everyone else, the originator must press the Merge icon.

Step 4. Repeat until the desired number of people are on the phone, or someone has been dropped off, as there may be a limit to the number of other phones you can call at any one time.  (This was tested with only five phone numbers being called.)

Step 5. Of course, managing these conference calls might be akin to chairing a meeting, especially when you can’t see when someone else wants to make a comment, and people start talking over each other. Perhaps the originator needs to act as the Chair of the call, and gives each person  a chance to say something, and when they’re finished, they could say “over” or “next”!?!

Click on the link below for a pdf file that provides visual cues to assist with this process.

Making Conference call

This method can also be used to connect to landlines, provided the original call comes from a mobile phone.