About Us


OWNQ is part of a worldwide network looking after the needs & interests of older women. OWN (Australia) was formed in 1985 and OWN (Queensland) was incorporated in 1993.

Statement of purpose

The Older Women’s Network is committed to promoting the rights, dignity and well being of older women.

Our vision

OWN believes in a society rich in social capital where mutual respect and trust are paramount where diversity and debate are valued and where people and their networks have a legitimate voice.


Older women have a right to be recognised for their contribution to the economic, political, social and cultural areas of life. Older women should have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of decision making, on local and national levels that could affect their well being.

The story of OWN QLD’s Quilt

The history behind OWN (Qld)'s very own handmade quilt inspired from a South Australian conference visited back in 1994.

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Leading a healthier lifestyle

The Older Women’s Network believes that priority must be given to the maintenance of health and well being.

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